About US


Gulf Egyptian Factory, was established in 1994, and has since led the way into the advanced refrigerating era through high technological facilities, equipment and expertise acquired by designing and manufacturing vertical showcases, cake showcases, chest freezers and kitchen equipments. 



As always, Gulf Egyptian Factory has been customer-centered and therefore, more than 24 years of our experience in manufacturing freezers, have paved the way into designing and producing more than 100 models with features that make fresh and frozen food stored and organized in ideal cooling environments, to keep all products on display at the right temperature within attractive view and convenient reach. 



Developing the latest technology has been our main aim to improve our product performance and maintain price competitiveness.This has encouraged our clientele portfolio to be wide and diverse, from supermarkets, to hotels and restaurants in the Middle East and Africa. 


Flexibility is key to our success, we are always happy to customize our refrigerators and freezers to meet the needs and desires of every customer. Our creative engineers have made differentiated thoughtful designs that keep everything in sight to help you nd just what you’re looking for. LED interior lighting reduces shadows in corners and under shelves to help keep your refrigerator bright and food in sight.With our rounded corners instead of hard-to reach edges, keeping the refrigerator and freezer clean has become an easy and quick process. 



With more than 300 loyal successful clients; which are the secret behindour success, Gulf Egyptian Factory has managed to increase its production rate annually with the best quality, trustful operation assured service. 


We strive to always be ahead of technological advancement in production to fulll the needs of the global foods industry and commercial freezing equipment industry.